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Our new station in Bad Rappenau on the A6

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Cologne Truck Wash is Germany's largest service provider for commercial vehicle washing and maintenance.

All vehicle types that are too big for "normal" car washes or need special washes are at the right place with us.
Outstanding wash results await you thanks to the latest technology at our LGV wash facilities and our specially trained staff.

Cologne Truck Wash has six conveniently located sites.

Find out more about our range of services on the following pages. Enjoy surfing and we'll see you soon

Your Cologne Truck Wash Team

Your LGV wash with us

We guarantee cleanliness for your LGV, bus or transporter with our modern and environmentally friendly 3-brush wash gantries.

The high-quality process of the wash equipment offers precise brush guidance and precise dosing of the washing agent.
We reduce the need for fresh water when cleaning thanks to intensive water treatment technology.
We only use fresh water in our steam cleaners and for rinsing to ensure an optimum clean for your LGV, bus or transporter.